Capoeira For Families and Kids!

Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Language, Culture, Community. Have yourself and the loved ones in your life train the sport that has it all!

What To Expect In Class and FAQ

Strong Families

Train capoeira with your kids! Having a strong family improves the lives of everyone. Our family capoeira classes are built around the idea of keeping you and your children together throughout the entire class. Kids are also allowed to take classes without their parents as well.

Capoeira results in strong bodies and confident kids. Come meet other parents and kids starting capoeira during our next beginner’s week!

Beginner’s Week
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Pricing Policy

We never turn away a family or child due to financial reasons. Our purpose at Brazilian Capoeira Denver is to build a fun community of people and we won’t let money stand between us and having great people join.

Come try capoeira with us during beginner’s week, and if your family likes it, then we will make sure that you can continue training with us.

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Studio Hours

Monday – Thursday 6-8:30pm

Saturday – 10:00am-12:00pm



I-25 and Evans

Father and Son – Juan and Alejandro | Training 6 Months

"Capoeira has given us an opportunity to grow closer and to be able to do something that is physical together."

The Blackmuns | Training 1.5 Years

 "It's the one place that I've really had the chance to work with my kids. We exercise together, and we have a good time together."

Ben – Serenotraining 1 year

"It's a dance/martial art/acrobatics fun thing. There's takedowns, there's dances there's flourishes, there's a whole bunch of stuff."